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If SLAM Sidebar does not display anything it is due to your virus scanner preventing our slam-sidebar.exe or slam-sidebar-slack.exe process from running.

In this case, configure your virus scanner to ignore these processes:

c:\users\your name\AppData\Roaming\slamsidebar\code\cef\slam-sidebar.exe

c:\users\your name\AppData\Roaming\slamsidebar\code\process\slam-sidebar-slack.exe

If you are using Windows Explorer to see this folder, note that AppData is a hidden folder so you need to enable hidden files in Windows Explorer to see it.

SLAM Sidebar runs as a Microsoft Outlook Add-in. See Get Started for step-by-step setup instructions.

SLAM Sidebar works with Microsoft Outlook running on Windows and supports Outook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Mac versions of Outlook are not supported at this time.

IMPORTANT: All data is sent only between SLAM Sidebar running in your Outlook client and Slack's servers - just like using Slack's app. No data is sent to SLAM and SLAM does not have access to your credentials.

SLAM Sidebar requires certain permissions to allow you to use Outlook with your Slack account. For instance, if you want to drag-and-drop and email message into Slack, SLAM Sidebar needs permission to upload the message on your behalf into a Slack channel.

When authorizing SLAM Sidebar in Outlook you will see the following list of permissions required:

  • Confirm your identity on your Slack account
  • View email addresses of people on your workspace
  • Modify your direct messages
  • Access your workspace’s files, comments, and associated information
  • Access your workspace’s profile information
  • Send messages as you
  • Upload and modify files as you

If you have any concerns or require more information, please contact us.

SLAM Sidebar is an Outlook Add-in that runs the full Slack client in a Task Pane inside your Outlook desktop app.

Optionally, you can also install the SLAM Sidebar slash command (/slam) in Slack that allows you to access your Outlook mailbox within the Slack client (only works with Office 365 mailboxes). The slash command can be installed from the Slack App Directory.