Access your mailbox and send email from Slack.

Add to Slack

Works with Office 365 accounts only

/slam inbox

Access your inbox


  • /slam inbox
  • /slam inbox new

Retrieved messages can be shared (including attachments) in the current channel.

If a message is from a Slack team member, with just a button click, you can direct message the sender.

/slam search

Search your mailbox


  • /slam search
  • /slam search subject:annual meeting
  • /slam search attachment:status report.pdf
  • /slam search hasattachments:true

You can specify more than one criteria:

  • /slam search subject:purchase order

Keyword options are: attachment, body, category, ccrecipients, from, hasattachments, subject, torecipients. If no keyword is specified then the from, subject and body fields are searched.

/slam send

Send email

/slam send recipient(s) subject body

After entering the command, you are presented with the option to attach one of the latest 20 files posted to the current channel.


  • /slam send "How about lunch?" "Let's meet at the pub."

To specify more than one recipient, separate email addresses with commas (no spaces).