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SLAM Sidebar Screenshot Slack to Outllook

slack and Microsoft Outlook working together

No switching between apps

SLAM Sidebar quickly and easily adjusts based on what you want to focus on.

SLAM Sidebar Screenshot Slack to Outlook
SLAM Sidebar Screenshot Slack to Outllook

Drop Outlook items right into Slack

Drag & Drop:

Email Messages



Calendar Events and Meeting Notices



Email Slack Content

Email Slack files and posts. Look for the Email This button right inside Slack.

SLAM Sidebar Screenshot Outllook to Slack
SLAM Sidebar Screenshot Slack to Outllook

Move the conversation into Slack

As you select items in Outlook, the SLAM Sidebar toolbar indicates if Slack team members are associated with the item. For instance, while reading your email, SLAM Sidebar will let you know if the sender or recipients are Slack users. With just one click, start a Direct Message conversation instead of replying with email.

Need a quick response? The yellow dot indicates if the sender is currently active on Slack.

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Requires Outlook for Windows
(Version 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007)

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